As workers’ strike against ‘Heinz’ of the Philippines continues, local chef to fundraise with rice bowls

March 28, 2019
“Learning about the NutriAsia strike pushed me to take action by creating our own Rice & Shine versions of Banana Ketchup and Lechon Sauce, both products monopolized by NutriAsia”

[LISTEN] Phlavor Profiles: Chef AC Boral, Rice and Shine

March 24, 2018
“When I do my events, I approach it as performance art.”

[LISTEN] Ep. 28 - Great Conversation with AC Boral from Rice and Shine

December 13, 2017
“The thing is, about my food, I don’t try to make it too pretentious. It’s unique, but it’s not something that my auntie can’t eat. Each dish on the menu, goes through the auntie test.”